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Longer Ads Titles in Google Adwords

Posted in Adwords, Paid Marketing by Arun Gangwar on February 4, 2011

Something interesting made me to write a post after a long time. Guess what??? so let’s come to the point… Itz the Ads Title  in Google Adwords.

Is 25 Character limit for Ads Title in Google Adwords?

Yes it is but Google has roll out something new. Few days back when i was checking the position of my ads i come across new thing. Ad’s title was slightly bigger than the usual limit.

Google will now be showing the first description line of our ads as the title for select ad placements (basically top position grabbers). Why google is doing this? because of better click through rates. Now ads very much look like the organic listing. I feel google is screwing up the organic results. This change will surely brings up more cash to their pockets. As a PPC professional i m happy with the change but for SEO’s i m :(.


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