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How to find best keywords

Posted in Off-page optimization, On Page Optimization by Arun Gangwar on November 4, 2008

Last time i discussed about the On-page optimization vs Off-page optimization. This time i am going to mention top 10 SEO tips for better results on search engine. I promise, if you go after these tips you will surely do good in Search engines. I will cover one tip at time, so come back for new entry.

SEO Tip #1: Find the Best Keywords: Finding the best keyword is your first goal. The site with keyword which are not searched is of no use. You should take your time to find the relevant keywords in your niche. There are several tools available online, good thing some of them are free to use, few could be used as trial and rest are paid one. Google Adword External Keyword Tool is free and good one. If you are looking for paid one then try WordTracker and Keyword Discovery Tool. These two are the most popular Keyword Tool in the industry. Earlier it was Overture but now days it doesn’t exist. Keyword Research Tool

Whatever be the tool, your approach should be same. I mean, suppose you have a travel site for india, your keywords would be like that

travel to india

traveling in india

india tourism

india travel agency

and so on

I have not used a single word “TRAVEL” because they are less targeted though they are searched more. Actually you want traffic that must be converted into sales. You would not like to waste time and money on the traffic which could not be converted into sales. So search phrases of two to three words and open a new spreadsheet document(ms excel) in first column write keywords, second Competition, third Avg monthly Searches or popularity and fourth one KEI(Keyword Effectiveness Index). I will talk about it later. Find out all keyword in your niche and paste in first column below the keywords Head. In second column paste the Competition and in next avg  monthly searches.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

The KEI compares the number of searches for a keyword to the number of “indexed” pages of the  keyword on web pages throughout the Internet. The data results help to glean which keywords will be the most effective for your Internet marketing campaign.

Let us suppose that the number of searches or the popularity (p) for the keyword phrase ‘travel to india’ is (P=18,100) per month and Google displays 18,900,000 competitive (C) results for that keyword. Then the ratio between the popularity and competitiveness for that keyword is “18,100 Squared” divided by 18,900,000. In this case, the KEI 17.33.

The formula is KEI= (p^2/C) whereby: p = Popularity or avg monthly searches C = Competition

Use this formula to get KEI and arrange the  sheet in descending order of kEI.A high KEI is the result of a popular keyword combined with less competition. So vice versa, the less popular a keyword is and the more competition it has, the lower the KEI. These results can mean that you might have a better chance of getting your webpages to the top of the search engines.

But still it is not hard and fast rule to get to the top. Use common sense. If the KEI for a keyword is high it might still be a good idea not to use the keyword if your top ranked competitors are very big players.

Arun Gangwar


Caper Travel Company Pvt Ltd


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  1. Ranjna said, on January 23, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Your tips for keyword optimization is nice but i think you can give more knowledge about Google trends,google suggest keyword and other Google Webmaster Tools.

    Our IT Vision

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