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Wolfram Alpha Coming – Dynasty of Google threatened

Posted in News by Arun Gangwar on May 15, 2009

Stephen Wolfram, creator of the popular Mathematica software, has announced his plans to launch a search engine “Wolfram Alpha” in the month of May. This search engine is expected to give a tough competition to Google’s unchallenged regime in the world of online search.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is able to identify questions that a user enters into the search box besides performing natural language processing. Once the processing has been undertaken, the question is put in a form that can be analyzed the underlying algorithms. After that, computation of answers is undertaken along with its complex mathematical and scientific engine, which is based on the lines of Mathematica symbol
manipulation code. Wolfram Alpha is expected to be of great help for students and researchers looking for spontaneous answers.

In the last few days, there is a widespread discussion about this “fact search engine”, which is often referred to as an “answer search engine”. Market analysts have expressed their view that Wolfram Alpha would be complimentary and not competitive to Google. However, perceptions are mere perceptions. Time will tell whether this much-hyped search engine delivers what it promises or not.

Till then, the wait goes longer!