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Google Squared-latest sensation from Google

Posted in News by Arun Gangwar on June 10, 2009

Google has came up with the idea of Google Squared, the latest Google Labs Project, for all those who wanted something more out of their Internet rendezvous. This project is aimed at extracting data from web pages and thereafter presenting them in the search results as squares in what would be an online spreadsheet.

Google Squared image

google squared Image

Google Squared has its focus all set on structuring the unstructured data on the web pages. This means that it will be easier for every one to access information from a neatly labeled, stamped, and categorized database. The answer to Wolfram Alpha by Google is considered to bring back Google’s somewhat lost crown of being the Numero Uno in the Internet World and is expected to add an extra layer of semantic research to research efforts of Google. It is also expected to help Google stay close to Search 3.0.

The launch of Google Squared has come as a respite for people of all ages, students, teachers, and library students who were previously struggling to help get the information they want from millions of pages floating around the web.

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